WELLSPRING YOUTH is the Youth ministry from Wellspring Church (formerly named, Burlington Alliance Church).  We’re about making new friends, having lots of fun, and growing in our faith in God through Jesus.

Friends. Fun. Faith.

Friends. Friendship is one of the most basic things in life and it’s our hope that we’ll all make new friends and feel welcomed in everything we do at Wellspring Youth! We’ve come to know that at the core of all reality is an eternal friendship of perfect Love, a God who created us to know and enjoy Him forever. We hope everyone who joins us gets a little taste of the welcome God extends towards us in Jesus, and experiences the sense of belonging that flows from faith in our God.

Fun. How can we not have fun and enjoy ourselves when we’ve come to know the goodness and incredible love and grace of God? We try our hardest to be real serious about making sure we’re all having fun!

Faith. All of this flows from our trust that in Jesus, God has done everything to welcome us into friendship with Himself. We all have friends who are great at connecting us with lots of other people; Jesus is the friend who’s connected us with God and, as a result, with each other. Our goal is provide space for all to explore and grow in their faith in God, to ask questions, find encouragement and support as we walk through the ups and downs of life. No one’s got it all figured out, but we trust that Jesus is the friend we want to walk through life with.

Look through our site and see what’s going on!


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