Epic Games Day: March Break


WEDNESDAY MARCH 15 3:30-9:30PM – $15

Skating.  Broomball.  Laser Tag in the Church.  All in one Epic Day!

The Details:
Drop off at Appleby Arena at 3:30PM.
3:30-5:30 Skating and Broomball at Pad 2, Appleby Arena
5:30-6:30 Dinner at Wendy’s/Timmy’s Combo
6:30-7:30 Back to BAC
7:30-9 Laser Tag In The Church
9-9:30 Closing Ceremonies
Pick up at Burlington Alliance Church at 9:30PM

-$$ to buy dinner at Wendy’s/Timmy’s after skating and broomball
-Skates and helmet. Cannot go on ice without a helmet.
-Rubber soles shoes for broomball.
-A friend!

Signed form and $15 must be returned to Pastor Paul by Sunday, March 12

Download Permission Form Here

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